Professor Van Horn

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Level: 150-220
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Professor Van Horn
Newland Desert - 2860x1570
is a unique encounter in the Rhinoman Valley in Newland Desert. The quickest way there is by taking the whompah from Newland City to Newland Desert and then heading east.

He is level 180 but hits hard for his level. A possibly even bigger problem is how fast his health regenerates; you need a good amount of damage to beat him.

After being killed, he has a chance to respawn every 20 minutes.

He has a chance to drop the following items:

All items drop in a range of QL 135 to 200. Drop rates aren't consistent, which means that you can still walk away empty handed. An interesting thing to note is that while this rhinoman is called Professor Van Horn, he seems to be wearing someone else's vest.

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Written by Trgeorge and Saavick.
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