Obediency Enforcer

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Level: 175-220
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In a
small village
Eastern Fouls Plain - 1235x2790
in Eastern Fouls Plains, a few decommissioned Omni-Tek robots have been left abandoned. Decommissioned but not deactivated. Even in this remote setting, they are still carrying out their task of maintaining order.

The village in Eastern Fouls Plains

The Obediency Inspector

Normally, you will find two Order Automators and an Obediency Inspector here. They are all level 220 and with a good amount of HP for their level. If you are clan, they will attack you on sight. Whichever side you are, it's probably a good idea to pull a single robot using an Aggression Enhancer outside the village.

Every time you kill the Obediency Inspector, it has about a 20% chance to respawn as the Obediency Enforcer. The time between spawns is 20 minutes.

The Obediency Inspector

The Obediency Inspector has a chance to drop the following loot:

The Obediency Enforcer

After a while, eventually the Obediency Enforcer will spawn. As before, it's probably best to pull him outside the village using an Aggression Enhancer. The Obediency Enforcer is around level 265, has more HP than the other robots and hits harder. He doesn't use any special abilities such as nukes, stuns, roots, or similar. A good team of level 200 froobs, or a good single level 220 solo profession should be able to take him on.

The Obediency Enforcer

The Obediency Enforcer has a chance to drop the following loot:

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