Medusa Grandmatriarchs

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Level: 150-220
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The Medusas are a mysterious society of female creatures, hostile to everything male (and atrox). They live mainly in the remote Medusa Territories of eastern Deep Artery Valley and northern Eastern Fouls Plains. If you are looking for some of the highest quality Miy's Armour available, they are certainly worth a visit. The most fearsome of them, the Grandmatriarchs, dwell in Eastern Fouls Plains.

The Medusa Territory

Their exact locations are (click for a waypoint):

  • Northern Medusa Grandmatriarch
    Eastern Fouls Plain - 440x3910

  • Western Medusa Grandmatriarch
    Eastern Fouls Plain - 625x3855

  • Southern Medusa Grandmatriarch
    Eastern Fouls Plain - 440x3705

  • Eastern Medusa Grandmatriarch
    Eastern Fouls Plain - 330x3755


The Grandmatriarchs are between level 245 and 285 and they have a number of tricks they like to use on you, such as:

  • Mind Control
    This will make you turn on other players that may be nearby, in your team or otherwise. If you have heals, Mind Control may make you heal the Medusa Grandmatriarch. If you have Complete Healing, this will completely heal the Medusa... it is therefor advisable to keep the nano line on cool-down by casting Alpha & Omega whenever possible.
    If you have neither heals or nearby people to fight, this is effectively a stun.
  • Knockback
  • Nukes
    These include Izgimmer's Last Word and Resonance Blast.
  • Roots
    For example Burden of Atlas with a duration of 4m48s... make sure to bring Free Movement stims or some other means of dealing with roots.
  • Warps

Nanos that prevent them from casting, such as Nano Shutdown or Grand Theft Humidity, will help a lot in this fight.

Fighting a Medusa Grandmatriarch

Mind Control shows as a blue nano effect


For most people, the wearables they drop are the most interesting bits:

Besides these, they drop many of the tradeskill materials other Medusas drop, including:

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