Clan Modified Battledroids

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Level: 100-150
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These massive level 190 droids are Unique encounters, only 2 of them exist at this time. They are both on an 18h 10min spawn timer, but because they only drop low interest loot, they are usually left alive. 3-4 level 160+ players are needed or a single lvl 200+. Both mobs hit for around 1k, so some heals are needed. Mobs have high HP regeneration, so biggest problem can be dealing enough damage.

Clan Modified A - 4000
Avalon - 1105x2525

Located in Avalon (1105,2525)
Faction : monster
No special strategy is needed, but I would recommend clearing area of possible adds before engaging it.

Clan Modified A - 4001
Wailing Wastes - 2900x3525

Located in Wailing Wastes (2900,3525)
Faction : Clan
This one can be bit trickier for omni players. Located in the middle of the Sentinel base, getting unwanted attention from nearby guards could easily happen. Best strategy is to pull it a bit northwest towards the cliffs' walls, as far away from clan mobs as possible.

Both battledroids drop Modified A-4000 Sensory Panel which only Opiflex breed can use, or Modified A-4000 NCU-sheet which is only for Engineers that drop in different QL. While droprate is close to 100%, they only drops one item at time.

Last updated on 11.26.2012 by Llie
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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