Sentinels Graffiti

Class: All Classes
Faction: Omni
Level: 125-149
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler in Rome Blue. You'll be instructed to travel to the Sentinels Outpost in Mort. There you need to deface three Clan propaganda signs. You will be provided with an Equipment Pack by the Agency Handler. Right-click it to receive:

The goal of this mission is to deface three Clan propaganda signs all within a fixed amount of time. With your Omni-Tek Nano-Spray in hand, proceed to the Sentinel Outpost in Mort. There is a grid exit conveniently located near the Sentinels outpost that requires 461 Computer Literacy. Alternatively, you can take the whompahs to Hope and head Southwest from there.

There are pairs of Male and Female Watchers between level 115 and 150 patrolling the area around the Sentinels outpost. They will attack you on sight. From the grid exit, head east. Behind the tall brown building you will find the first sign.

Clan Sign
Mort - 1987.3x1271.6

Target the sign and right-click on the Omni-Tek Nano-Spray to spray graffiti on it. You will immediately receive a PvP "Flag" upon defacing the first billboard, if you aren't already flagged from dealing the Sentinels in the area. You will also receive the first "Graffiti Artist" nano in your NCU. You must have all three "Graffiti Artist" nanos running in your NCU simultaneously to successfully complete this mission.

Turn around and run southwest. Follow the paved path that heads southwest. At the bottom of the ravine between the grid terminal and the cluster of shop buildings on the hill ahead, you will find the second sign.

Clan Sign
Mort - 1894.3x1184.5

Again, target the sign and right-click on the Omni-Tek Nano-Spray to deface it. You will receive your second "Graffiti Artist" nano in your NCU. Continue southwest, up the hill, toward the three shop buildings. Behind the three shop buildings you will find the third and final Clan propaganda sign.

Clan Sign
Mort - 1884.0x1087.1

Target the sign and right-click on the Omni-Tek Nano-Spray to deface it and to receive the third "Graffiti Artist". If you are not actively fighting, you can turn around and head back towards the grid terminal and exit this area via the grid. Alternatively, you can head Northeast toward Hope, where you can use the whompas there.

You must return to the Omni Mission Agency in Rome and speak to the Mission Agency Receptionist to receive your reward. It will remove the PvP flag as well.

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