Pirate Paradise

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Level: 75-100
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Your task is to locate the data thieving pirates, and treat them to a taste of their own medicine. After killing five of them you will get your reward.

"pirate" camp
Varmint Woods - 1074.8x914.9
is in Varmint Woods - A well known hive of scum and villiainy, home to many a bootlegger, smuggler, poacher and pirate. (It is one of the camps from Corporal Ashley Winstead's quest. If the pirates have been killed by someone else, you can complete the mission by killing pirates from any of the other camps.)

The camp is easy to find. The mobs are around level 85. Just be careful when and where you attack somebody. All pirates are very social and will attack you in groups. Be especially careful of crypto-crackers. Each crypto-cracker can easily land nukes for 500+ points of fire damage on you. If aggro multiple crypto-crackers at the same time, you may be reduced to ashes in moments.


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