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Obtained from John Smith at Antique's 'n Such in Borealis, this mission is one of the Victory Point missions that have been added for players that don't like to PVP, or those that aren't able, or don't have the time, to complete a Battlestation round. This isn't to say someone won't try to kill you as it is still a PVP zone.

You can view more information on John Smith and the other PVP missions HERE.

This mission in particular requires you to travel to the newest of the PVP zones in AO, and kill three rogue notum miners that are dealing in an illegal notum trade. In order to get to this zone, enter the grid and exit at the Unicorn Battlestation Hub opposite the ICC exit. Once you've arrived at the hub, run around the central column in the first room and use the console marked Notum Mines.

The rogue notum miners will be level one mobs and will not put up a fight. The problem will be finding them as they don't spawn in a plentiful manner and have a long respawn. If other people are there as well, the difficulty of catching a rogue notum miner goes up. If you have the proper map upgrade, you can find the rogue notum miners a lot more easily on your mini-map.

Rogue notum miners also drop illegal notum chunks which you can right click to gain a small amount of victory points.

Do remember, this is a PVP mission and thus takes place in a 0% suppression gas location. Getting to the PVP zone is quite easy and accessible through the Battlestation terminals in cities. Once you are there, you can speak with Unicorn Coordinator Magnum Blaine, letting him know that you are reporting for duty, and you will be sent in to the waiting area.

From here you should use the map with the red and blue dots. Clicking on the red dots will move you from the waiting area and down in to the actual PVP field. The blue dots are the emergency exits from the field that will take you back to the waiting area.

Located in the southeast corner of the waiting area

Emergency exits are located in various spots throughout the zone

Once you have killed all three rogue notum miners, you can exit the field by clicking on the exit button. You will need to return to John Smith and speak with him to complete the mission. The exit button will teleport you to the shuttle pad near ICC, making the Battlestation terminal that's next to you the fastest way to get back to Borealis by entering the Battlestation and then using the grid terminal.

Located in the northeast corner of the waiting area

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