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Faction: Clan
Level: 175-199
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Information has been brought to your attention about an Omni courier that is taking important information from one of the main Omni bases to an unknown location. Make sure that the courier never makes it to the grid entrance! You'll need to be careful not to attack the courier too close to the Omni base unless you want the wrath of an entire garrison coming down upon you.

The courier also has a very high run speed, so you'll need to be quick since you will not be able to keep up if they manage to slip past you. Pick a good spot on the road between the grid and the base, and you should be able to stop them. Below is a location to wait that has proven to be a
good spot for taking down the courier
Avalon - 2173x1131

Keep in mind that as soon as you attack the courier, you will become PVP flagged! The courier is considered a bit of a pushover at level 185 and seemingly not as strong as other Rubi-Ka counterparts of the same level. The courier runs back and forth between the grid at the base, so if you can't find them, simply wait somewhere along the road and they will come to you eventually, just make sure that you hit them before they are able to speed off!

Last updated on 07.11.2016 by Llie
Written by Silvana
Information and screenshots provided by enlo, Llie and Sferykal.
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