Illegal Cargo

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Level: 125-149
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This daily will mission you opening crates in the deep part of the Smugglers Den.

While Break & Entry isn't mandatory to complete the mission, it might make it a little easier.

But if you ain't already familiar with this dungeon, you may be should first read its guides here.

Fast way

First accessible crates of the dungeon are located right at "human" mob section beginning.

You'll recognize this place easily as the walls change from "Mantis" design (rock/cavernous) to "Smuggler" (metal/concrete).

You'll meet the first dogs & turrets right there ; 4 crates are located just around this first iron door :

These crates require some Break & Entry to open, so it's ideal for Tradeskillers (mainly Fixer, Engi, Trader).

But if your profession doesn't need this skill at all, don't waste IPs in it & skip directly to next part !

Slow way

Second accessible crates are placed way further in the "human" section, in this huge hangar :

There are 3 of them all around the room, and they won't require any Break & Entry to open.


Once you open any of the upper crates, with or without Break & Entry, you'll be able to loot this :

Take it, get back to your usual Agency and give this item to the entrance NPC in order to get your XP !

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