Four Holes Graffiti

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Omni
Level: 200-220
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler in Rome Blue or Old Athens. You'll be traveling to Argentum, so don't expect a warm greeting from any of the Unionists or their Foreman. Getting to Argentum is a very easy task, you just jump in the grid and take the second level to the 4 Holes exit.

Lucky for you your first target is directly to the right from where you appear, up against the archway leading in to Argentum. Once you've taken your Omni Tek Nano Spray from the gear you were given at the agency (right clicking the package), you're ready to start doing some political tagging! To apply your nano spray to the clan sign, you need to pick up the nano spray and then right click on the sign itself. You can't be too far away for this to work, so you may have to do some tricky maneuvering once you have finished with the first sign. Additionally you will become PvP flagged when you spray the first sign!

Keep in mind that while the unionists may not feel like much of a threat, their level 300 foreman is.

Your mission WILL NOT update with each sign that you tag. The only indication you have that you are on the right track is by watching for the Graffiti Artist nano to pop up in your NCU.

Omni Version

First Location
Directly to your right next to the Argentum arch when you exit the grid.

Second Location
In the center of Argentum towards the east at the bottom of the ramp.

Third Location
At the northern side of Argentum, you have a switchback ramp that leads right up to it.

Clan Version

First Location
The first omni sign is located on the west side of Argentum. Run down the ramp, turn left, and run up the next ramp towards
the player cities

Second Location
In the center of Argentum at the bottom of the ramp.

Third Location
At the southern side of Argentum near the shops.

When you manage to tag one of the propaganda signs, a new one appears in its place and you will be given a 5 minute long nano called Graffiti Artist. In order to complete the mission, you need to have 3 of these nanos running in your NCU at the same time. If you are unable to get to the third one before time runs out, you'll have to back track to the sign that timed out.

Once you have all three nanos running in your NCU, your mission will update and you can return to the agency to collect your reward.

Last updated on 06.16.2012 by Llie
Written by Silvana
Clan version by Afreng
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