Foreman's Graffiti

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan
Level: 50-100
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler in Old Athens. You'll be instructed to travel to the Biomare Facility in The Longest Road. There you need to deface two Omni billboards and an obelisk. You will be provided with an Equipment Pack by the Agency Handler. Right-click it to receive:

The goal of this mission is to deface three Omni landmarks all within a fixed amount of time. With your Clan Nano-Spray in hand, proceed to The Longest Road. The easiest way is to enter the Grid and go up to the second level. Exit at 2HO. If you have any protection or HP buffs, now would be a good time to cast them. Set your agg-def slider to full def. Quickly turn right and run towards the whompahs. There are lots of omni guards level 100-150 in this area that will attack you on sight. The whompah to The Longest Road is the middle whompah of the three-whompah complex.

Once you have reached Biomare, you will find that it is also guarded by Omni soldiers. These range in level from 50-75. The only difficulty that remains for this mission is to locate the landmarks you need to deface. Run forward and you will arrive at the first billboard.

Omni Billboard
The Longest Road - 1970.5x769.9

Target the billboard and right-click on the Clan Nano-Spray to spray graffiti on it. You will immediately receive a PvP "Flag" upon defacing the first billboard, if you are not already flagged from dealing the lieutenants in the area. You will also receive the first "Graffiti Artist" nano in your NCU. You must have all three "Graffiti Artist" nanos running in your NCU simultaneously to successfully complete this mission.

Proceed forward until you reach the end of the fence on the right. Take a hair-pin turn to the right and run up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, proceed forward until you see the next billboard.

Omni Billboard
The Longest Road - 2101.5x787.6

Again, target the billboard and right-click on the Clan Nano-Spray to deface it. You will receive your second "Graffiti Artist" nano in your NCU. Now turn around, and run back down the ramp toward the entrance to this entire area. Just before you leave this area, you will see the Omni obelisk.

Omni Obelisk
The Longest Road - 1897.2x952.2

Target the obelisk and right-click on the Clan Nano-Spray to deface it and to receive the third "Graffiti Artist". You can now either uses the whom-pah in Bliss to get back to the agency, or go back via the grid terminal in 2HO.

You must return to the Clan Mission Agency in Old Athen and speak to the Mission Agency Receptionist to receive your reward. He will remove the PvP flag as well.

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