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Level: 75-110
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When you are in the appropriate level range the Senior Agency Handler in Old Athen or Rome Blue will offer you this daily mission which will ask you to enter the Crypt of Home.

This is the typical elite daily mission that requires you to kill a certain number of each type of mob within the dungeon. If you are unfamiliar with the Crypt of Home, which is located in Broken Shores, you can read up on this dungeon in this guide.

Because elite missions invariably require you to kill different mobs up throughout the dungeon, it's always recommended that you get a team together to take on elite missions. However, in the case of the Crypt of Home, it normally takes at least two players working in coordination to open the first door inside this dungeon, having a team for this mission is doubly important.

You must kill 3 of each of the following mobs

Kill 3 of each of the following to claim your reward.

Kill 3 Eclipsers
Kill 3 Blorrgs
Kill 3 Skincrawlers
Kill 3 Abyss Serpents

Kill 3 Kizzermoles
Kill 3 Awakened Pit Demons
Kill 3 Necromancers
Kill 3 Crypt Guardians

Bonus: Kill Cerubin

You will receive a small daily mission XP reward after killing each type of mob. After you kill 3 Crypt Guardians, the mission will update and you will receive a slightly larger reward for completing the mission, but you will also receive a bonus mission to kill Cerubin.

If you choose to delete the mission at this point you may, as you will have received the typical reward for an elite daily mission. If you kill Cerubin you will receive an additional small daily mission XP reward.

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