Viral Weapon Upgrades

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Weapon Upgrades were also mentioned in our Alien Playfields Loot Drop Guide, but as we strive to make your life easier.. and the fact that this guide landed on our desks (see the credits at the bottom) - here we go!

With the introduction of Alien Invasion several old school weapons got a revisit and new upgrade. The key to these new weapons is a common drop from regular aliens. They go from QL 1 to QL 200, with one exception.

Drops off of regular aliens on ground, in ship, and at APFs.

Fantaghiro BBI-Viral Gold Star (Submachine Gun)

MTI SL70 RX Razorback Gargantua (Rifle)

Variable Density Tanto (Piercing)

Kaetans Supernova (Ranged Energy)

Merren Flamethrower (Assault Rifle)

Sharky's Kevlar Bow (Bow)

Premium Xnemth Plasmaprojector (Ranged Energy)

Adapting Notum Lever (2-handed Blunt)

Premium Bio-Energy Shield (Melee Energy)

Premium Arctic Metaplast Mace (1-handed Blunt)

Premium Survival Axe of Genevra (1-handed Edge)

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