Broken Controller Recompiler Unit

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Prior to the 18.6.2 patch, you would often find assorted QLs of Controller Recompiler Units on mission bosses. The item came in a QL range of 5 to 95, which means you needed multiple backpacks to store all the different ones.

Since then, you will no longer find these items. Instead you can now loot the following:

You may still have some old ones though from before the patch. These will now have changed into a

You can repair this broken CRU to make one of the new ones. Here is the tradeskill process:

Additionally, CRUs can be combined together to make larger CRU:

For more information on what to do with CRU, please check our guide on Alien Raiding in your City.

Last updated on 01.03.2020 by Saavick
Written by Llie
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