Trimmer - Improve Actuators

Class: Engineer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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This Trimmer will heal your pet for up to 6k of HP and will give an additional boost to damage for 600 secs. It will lock your Mechanical Engineering skill for 60 minutes.

Here are the items you will need:

The Trimmer Casing can be bought up to QL 300 in the tradeskill department of neutral general stores, such as Fair Trade in Borealis. Sided general stores stock up to QL 200. The trimmer casing needs to be 90% of the Smelly Liquid. The Smelly Liquid drops from Alien Generals.

Combine them like so:

  +    =  
Requires 6x the QL of the Smelly Liquid in Electrical Engineering.

Last updated on 01.21.2020 by Saavick
Made by Mona "Sovieta" Creehan
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