Damage Modifier Trimmers

Class: Engineer
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Want to swap your pet's damage? Here's how you do it.
Engineers got 3 new Damage modifier trimmers with Alien Invasion.
Just remember, These Trimmers will lock out your Mechanical Engineering Skills for 10 minutes and decrease The pet's HP bar. So use them wisely.

Items needed:
The Trimmer Casing can be purchased at tradeskill department in regular shop, at "Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Components" bot. (needs to be minimum Ql 90)

The Charged/Cooled/Heated Energy Core's is regular drop from Aliens.

Skills required to make these small gadgets is X 3,7 in Mechanical Engineering.

Trimmer - Cold Damage Modifier

Trimmer - Energy Damage Modifier

Trimmer - Fire Damage Modifier

Last updated on 08.19.2009 by Vickie
This guide is made by Mona "Sovieta" Creehan
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