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Looking for a snazzy new yalm? Our friend Uncle Bazzit is selling a few new yalm upgrades, for a price of course. Start by heading to Meetmedere, to Bazzit's shop. The upgrades are found in the shop terminal, in the back left of the room.

Alternatively, you can find these upgrades in Fair Trade stores as well, in the "Basic ICC Engineering Supplies" terminal. Warning: if you buy them from the advanced or superior terminals, they are 5 and 10 times more expensive respectively, and the item you get is no different.

There are 6 yalm upgrades available:

The process (example):

Your Computer Literacy will determine the QL of the yalmaha you build. The QL of the Yalmaha XL - 29478 you use, doesn't matter, so in order to save some credits, you can simply buy the cheapest yalm from the terminal in your nearest Tower Shop or Enterprice Shop.

To make a QL 300, you will need 1500 CL. Anything below that will give you a lower QL yalm. You'll need at least 750 Computer Literature to make the lowest QL available. All QL yalmahas have the same requirements and the same runspeed bonus, which determines how fast you fly. The other bonuses, adventuring and root resistance, are higher at higher QLs.

In addition to the Yalms listed above you can find two new ones available premade in the Tower Shop or Enterprice Shop. Check them out before you decide to build your own!

The Yalmaha - 29500 - The Poniard or Yalmaha - 29500 - The Adaga

The upgrades do not come cheap. It will sell for about 25M-50M depending on which of the looks you want. If your CL is higher, it will lower the price somewhat!

Last updated on 01.27.2020 by Saavick
Written by Tepamina
Updated Color Info provided by The Boom from AP. Thank you!
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