Trick Boots

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Class: Martial-Artist, Fixer, Agent
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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If you've ever come across some Variable Friction Jelly, you might've wondered what it was for... hand cream? Shoe polish? A cooking ingredient? You may have let your imagination run wild for its various uses.

At least one way to use it would be to make some neat boots out of it. You'll need the following items:

Drops from alien generals in city raids.
May be bought in armour shops (not general shops). You can find armour shops for example
Borealis - 755x687
Borealis - 677x641
Andromeda - 3284x793
Can also be rolled as a mission reward.

Tradeskill Process

Combine the items like so:

  +    =  
The Low-Tech Armor Boots must be at least 30% of the QL of the Jelly.
Requires 5x the QL of the Jelly in Chemistry and 6x in Mechanical Engineering.

The QL of the Jelly sets the QL of the final Trick Boots, and the QL can't be bumped with high skills. The resulting boots are NODROP, meaning you have to build them yourself.

Note: the requirements to equip these boots seem a little buggy, and aren't displayed correctly on some items sites, such as aoitems. The requirements are shown in game as:

AO-Universe has verified the profession requirement is indeed checked.

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