Sureshot Glasses

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Class: Meta-Physicist, Martial-Artist
Faction: All Factions
Level: All Levels
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Sureshot Glasses

Sureshot Glasses drop from Alien generals. But in case you're tired of farming them, there's a way to build them. You will need the following parts:

Obtainable in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Terminal

Obtainable in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Terminal

Drops from RK mobs, dyna-bosses, found inside Small Brown Boxes.

It needs to be at least 80% ql of Crystalline Disk

Drops from Alien Generals

Needs to be at least ql 100

Now it's time to put everything together:

  +    =  

This step requires x3.8 the ql in Mechanical Engineering

  +    =  

This step requires x5.5 in Mechanical Engineering and x1.8 in Agility

  +    =  

This step requires x5 in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

At start of guide we said you'll need at least ql 100 Crystalline Disk. Why? Simply because Sureshot Glasses come in quality range of 100-300. Another thing to watch while making them is title requirement to wear (ql 100-119 for tlt1, 120-159 for tlt2, 160-199 for tlt3, 200-239 for tlt4, 240-279 for tlt5, 280+ for tlt6).

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