Sector 13 Alien Playfield

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Level: 180-220
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Getting Started

If you have never been to the APF area, please consult our Alien Playfields Guide on how to get there. Once you are there, talk to the Unicorn Security Administrator at the top (near the stairs) and get the mission for Area 13. You need to be in a team to do this, since the NPC won't give access to this quest to anyone without one. Head down the lower level and enter the portal to Sector 13 there.

Get your mission from him

The objective is to assist the Unicorns in preventing the aliens from making a Base in the sector.


In this sector, proceed along throught the canyon and kill all the aliens (there are several ambushes along the way so be ready for them). The canyon will eventually open into a wide crater with regular aliens in the center and a group of Supports and Sentries on the far side. Kill the regular aliens, and have one person pull the Support aliens from the far side. DO NOT attack the Sentries as they have a massive reflect shield while the Supports are alive. Stay in the center (on a rock formation).

Get on this rock in the center

A doc needs to land Epsilon Purge on this and all of these mobs one at a time to rip off their shields and then kill them. Be sure to target and kill the mobs called Support (they will then not be able to cast new reflect shields on the larger mobs). Once you pull the first of the larger mobs you'll see the Support arrive, kill the Supports immediately. Once they're dead, DON'T MOVE.

The mission-holder should now proceed to talk to Unicorn Recon Agent Chittick on top of the hill surrounding the crater. He can be found by running back throught the canyon towards the entrance until you reach a tree with large roots. Follow this cliff until it ends and you find him.

Follow the arrows to Unicorn Recon Agent Chittick

This will call down a large ship into the center of the crater, and a bunch of Unicorn Troopers will storm out towards the Sentries and attack them. Do not attack the unicorns, once one is attacked others are likely to follow and then you have aliens and unicorns to deal with. Do not Mongo, use AOE effects or snares, pet AOEs, NTs never use AOE nukes, no area heals, martial artist and fixer area hit special attacks (eg Cluster Bullets). These area effects aggro the Troopers and they'll attack you (do not heal them either).

Do not attack the Sentries until their shield has run out (should be shortly after Supports are killed). Once they are all dead, click on the Biological Transceiver (located on the ground) to recieve a nano cast in your NCU (needs 10 free ncu).

Be sure to use the Biological Transceiver

Up ahead past the crater is another laser fence. **You can only pass through as long as the protection nano (shows up yellow in your NCU) is running on you** Failure to have the protection nano on you while running throught the fence results in insta-death. Be sure to loot all the corpses, since the Biological Transceiver may end up covered up by a corpse.

Laser Fence which will kill those who did not use the Transceiver

Alien Boss

Alright, you've passed the fence, now Master Genesplicer Cha'Khaz awaits you and your friends.

As with all the generals, let a tank build aggro before everyone attacks. This boss also spawns many adds so I recommend having an add-caller that everyone frequently assists to keep adds to a minimum. Adds spawned include support aliens, regular aliens, and alien vectors. These vectors, if not killed quickly, spawn large amounts of alien larvae. Whole raids can and have been wiped due to not killing vectors quickly enough. This boss seems to wipe aggro once he is nearing death.

Once boss dies and loot is rolled, you need to target/click another transceiver under the boss to leave the area without getting killed on the gates.

1. Have a raid leader.
2. Stay off the rock in the center of the crater.
3. Don't run through the laser fence if you don't have the protection nano in your NCU.

Note: A 'caller' is the person who will be the first to attack an alien. For example let's assume Windguaerd is the caller, this means everyone else in his team or the raid will use a macro like this: /macro Assist /assist Windguaerd which will create a shortcut that you can temporarily add to your shortcut bar. This allows everyone to attack one alien at a time and have a fast kill ratio, instead of people attacking several aliens that will take longer to kill.

Boss Loot

Please see this guide to see the processes for the above tradeskill items.

Bounty can be returned to the Omni-Tek Observer or Clan Liaison for 10 tokens or 4 million credits. The tokenboard quest item can be turned to the Omni-Tek Observer or Clan Liaison for Omni-Tek Award - Exemplar or Clan Merits - Paragon.

The data core can be returned to Unicorn Administrator for an Encrypted Kyr'Ozch Key. You need one Data Core from each of the Sectors 13, 28, and 35 to make the key needed to access Sector 42.

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