Terminate the Alien Cocoons

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Alien Experience Daily Missions are acquired from the Alien Agency Handler in the Clan/Omni mission agency HQs. See here for more general information on these alien daily missions.

Getting Started:

The Alien Agency Handler advises you that the Kyr'Ozch are constantly surrounding the Goliath-class battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka.

Your assignment is to board an alien breeding ship and terminate 10 alien cocoons. This way the amount of new aliens that will attack rubi-ka will be reduced.

The agency will give you an Alien Cocoon Terminator to help you with your mission.

Getting to the mission:

Once you have accepted the mission, you will be able to use the portal in the southern room in the Agency building. Doing so will take you directly to the Unicorn Outpost.

Portal from the Agency to the Unicorn Outpost.

Once you are at the Unicorn Outpost, your mission marker should show you where to head to.

Mission waypoint.

At the mission marker, you should find another portal.

The Unicorn Outpost offers a free of charge shuttle transport that will take you to the derelict ship.

On the ship:

When you are on the ship, you need to locate the cocoons. There are one or two scattered about all over the ship, but the main concentration is in the room off of the long corridor.

Main Cocoon Room.

A Kyr'Ozch Guardian is guarding the main room of cocoons.

Kyr'Ozch Guardian.

In this main room you will usually find 9 cocoons. Once you have killed the guardian, head into the room and target a cocoon. Right click the terminator device and you will get a message that states:
You inject toxic venom in to the cocoon.

As soon as you do this, Alien Larvae will spawn (1 per cocoon).

Cocoons and a spawned larvae.

As soon as you have terminated 10 cocoons, your mission will update. You can now head back to the agency to claim your reward.

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