Salvage Mission

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Alien Experience Daily Missions are acquired from the Alien Agency Handler in the Clan/Omni mission agency HQs. See here for more general information on these alien daily missions.

Getting Started:

The Alien Agency Handler advises you that an Omni-Tek cannon has damaged one of the Goliath-class battlestations in orbit around Rubi-Ka. The agency therefore want to commission you to board the burning ship and to salvage whatever technological artifacts you can find.

Getting to the mission:

Once you have accepted the mission, you will be able to use the portal in the southern room in the Agency building. Doing so will take you directly to the Unicorn Outpost.

Portal from the Agency to the Unicorn Outpost.

Once you are at the Unicorn Outpost, your mission marker should show you where to head to.

Mission waypoint.

At the mission marker, you should find another portal.

The Unicorn Outpost offers a free of charge shuttle transport that will take you to the derelict ship.

On the ship:

When you are on the ship, you need to start searching for the artifact to salvage. As you will see though, parts of the ship are burning from the cannon attack. The blazing flames hurt, they hit for 30% of your health (before reflects).

Blazing Flames.

To avoid this damage, you can usually successfully walk around them -- or put up some reflects and run through.

Finding the artifact:

The artifact you are looking for, looks like this

Kyr'Ozch Artifact.

Click it, and the artifact should appear in your inventory. It will then look like this:


You only need to find 1 artifact on the ship. Once you have it in your posession, you can return to the agency and trade it with the Alien Agency Handler to receive your rewards.

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