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The Kyr'Ozch are constantly surrounding the Goliath-class battle stations in orbit around Rubi-Ka. As a bi-product of their presence, green sticky goo piles up and results in a mine field, snaring unknowing travelers.
You're commissioned to immobilize these minefields, disable three mines to claim your reward.

The mines are hidden in the Dead Maze in Broken Shores.

You have to actively search for the mines. Press CTRL+2 to open your controls window.

After you've found a mine you have to target it first before you can disarm it with your

Left-click on the Bomb Disarmament Tools and click with it on the mine. Don't just right-click on the tool. Your mission should update for each mine you have disarmed. After you have disarmed the third mine you'll receive the usual AXP award.

Note that you might encounter some aliens in the maze too.

Last updated on 01.28.2012 by Silvana
Guide researched and written by Afreng
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