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AXP daily missions are acquired from the Alien Agency Handler in the Clan/Omni mission agency HQs. See here for more general info on AXP dailies.

This mission is in the list of team missions and is a pretty simple one. As Sector 7 is a team instance you'll need to be in a team and stay in a team to do this. Although as you'll only need to deal with regular mobs a decently set-up char around level 170+ should be able to manage this without someone else coming to help. If you're going there with a team anyhow then this will prove to be a simple and quick "while we're here" type task.

Your Task

When you get this mission you're given a Test Tube which you are to fill with a sample from the Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool.

The Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool room is the highlighted room.

The Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool.

You'll need to work your way to the Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool room which is the highlighted location in the above map. Once there wade into the Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool and right click the Test Tube which will give you your Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool Liquid Sample. Filling the Test Tube takes a little while and you'll be unable to move while doing so.

Once you have your Kyr'Ozch Gene Pool Liquid Sample head back to the Agency and give it to the alien mission NPC for your reward.

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