Finding the Ammunition

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Level: 201-220
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This mission starts out by talking to
Unicorn Commander Labbe
- 556x590
in the Central Gateway. Like Epicine and many others, he is in a dire need of some ammo.

Unicorn Commander Labbe.

After a bit of talking, he will hand you a reservation form, and direct you to place an order for the explosive goods.

With your form, visit the nearby
Outzone Supplier
- 612x522
. He will inform you that the supply ship was unfortunately shot down, and directs you to where you might recover the goods.

The Outzone Supplier.

The ship turns out to have been shot down in Arid Rift. Follow the mission marker to locate the Stack of Very Explosive Unicorn Ammunition on the ground. When you right-click it, you receive a:

Head back and give this to Unicorn Commander Labbe. The mission will now update and reward you immediately, without having to return to the agency.

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