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Level: 75-100
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Note: This mission is almost identical to the classic AO daily mission Rats! The main difference are that you have to train Zixes instead of Rollerrats.

The mission is located on Serenity Island. Go to ICC and enter this door:


From where you zone in, run down the hill. You should see the Exterminator on the edge of the city area.

Rookie Exterminator.

Talk to the Rookie Exterminator to start your mission.

Your assignment is to train all of the Zixes into a special structure that will take care of the pestering annoyance. Train 100 Zixes to get your reward.


Now start to run around all those Zixes. They will only aggro you but will not do any damage. You can also sit in a Yalm if you like. But don't run too fast or the Zixes will lose aggro.

You can ask the Rookie Exterminator about the number of Zixes you have killed. When you have killed 100 run up the hill where you came and use the blue portal on the floor to teleport back to ICC.

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