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Out in Perpetual Wasteland there is a grouping of alien pods that you may have noticed when flying towards the Cyborg Barracks, or just during a random trip across the barrens. Now you get to take a closer look at the pods and bring two of the behemoths to their... knees?


Several pods will be in the general area

The Alien Pod

Tall, pulsating tentacles make up the pod

The Pod Spawn

The pods spawn two adds at a time


The goal of the mission is to get the alien pod down to 80% health (this means knocking off 20%, not knocking off 80%) and then using the provided Agency Laser Tagging Device to call down an orbital strike to finish the pod off. You do this by having the pod targeted, and then right clicking on the tagging device. You'll recognize the tagging device in your inventory as such:

There are two tricky parts to this endeavor.

Firstly, the alien pod will not go down without a fight. It will continually spawn two mobs that will attack you. Your best bet here is to take down one of the pod spawn and then focus on the alien pod itself. You won't have long before another pod spawn is... spawned, but you'll be able to get a good rhythm down that gives you a few seconds to attack the pod in between having one and two pod spawns on you.

Keep in mind you should attack the alien pod with the lowest level. As there are half a dozen of the pods in the area, you want the lowest one as you will be able to take the pod spawn down more quickly, and reduce the health of the alien pod more quickly as well.

Secondly, once you have clicked on the device, you have mere moments before the orbital strike begins. You do not want to be anywhere near the alien pod when the strike starts, so you need to RUN LIKE THE FRIGGIN' WIND! A run buff will help you here, because even if you start running immediately, you are likely to get caught in the blast, and these are not tiny hits of damage. They can and will kill you if you don't get out of there and far enough away. The orbital strike will also wipe out any of the pod spawn that are left, so you won't have to deal with them afterward.

You have to take down two of the pods, so dying in between is not preferable.

A few other items of note that will help you in this mission:

  • You need to use the device as soon as possible. The pods will throw up a huge reflect barrier if you don't.
  • Surviving the reflect, if you kill the pod without the device the mission WILL NOT update.
  • Do not delete the tagging device! Only a GM can get it back for you as it isn't sold in the mission agency shop.
  • The tagging device changes to a different item after the first kill, which is why you must use it to kill the pods to get the mission to update. This is also why getting it replaced could prove problematic if you delete it.

Once you have taken down both alien pods, you need to return to the Alien Agency Handler and collect your reward.

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