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What's this?

The XML-Parser returns XML-files with contents Waypoints inside the Guides of the AO-Universe Knowledge-Section.
Simply call this file with the following set of parameters to retrieve the information you need.
Please note that every request to this file (using any of the "modes") is logged for statistical purposes along with a required identification parameter and your IP adress.
If you don't want this, then please do not use this service.
See the news for update information regarding this parser.

How to use

Simply call this file with the required parameters to receive a XML-file with the results.

Parameters & Modes

The following is a list of parameters that you have to send on every request:

Required Parameters
Parameter Type Options Info
mode string view, list, search Defines the information mode. Click on the names to read specific information what parameters along with the required ones are needed and what the mode returns.
bot string   Specify your bot's name that makes requests to this file.
Optional Parameters
bot_version string   The version of your bot (if available).

Mode "list"

Use "list" without any additional parameters to receive a list of all waypoints on all Playfield-IDs.
Use the optional "id"-parameter to receive waypoints on the specified Playfield-ID.
See playfield-ID reference list for numbers.

Optional Parameters
Parameter Type Options Info
id integer   The ID of a playfield.

Mode "view"

Use "view" to receive only the waypoints of a guide.

Required Parameters
Parameter Type Options Info
id integer   The ID of a guide to parse.

Mode "search"

Use "search" with the "search"-parameter to receive a list of all waypoints names matching "search".

Required Parameters
Parameter Type Options Info
search string   Your searchword.
Optional Parameters
id integer   Search only the Playfield-ID.

Mode "pfidlist"

Use "pfidlist" to receive a list of the Playfield-ID reference list.

Required Parameters
Parameter Type Options Info


XML Layout

The resulting XML file is UTF-8 coded. The root node is "result", followed by either an "error" node or a "waypoints" node. The "waypoints" node includes "waypoint" subnodes with one waypoint each.

All Modes

All modes have the same result layout

Node-Name Info
guide_id The ID of the guide the waypoint is located in. See Guide XML-Parser for info on how to receive the guide content.
xcoord The X-coordinate
ycoord The Y-coordinate
pfid The Playfield-ID. Use this for "list" if you want to filter a specific playfield
coordname Description for the waypoint
parent Contains subnodes "folder" which display the folder structure the guide is in; the list is reversed, so the FIRST subnode is the lowest folder (the expansion folder)
- folder Each folder node represents one folder in the guide hierarchie
- id The folder ID
- name The folder name

Mode "pfidlist"

Returns the Playfield-ID reference list. The root node is "result" followed by "pfids" nodes, with a "pfid" subnode.

Node-Name Info
pfid The Playfield-ID.
name The Playfield-Name

Error Codes

Code Info
1 No botname given
2 No ID specified
3 Invalid ID
4 Search result empty
5 Searchword too short

Playfield-ID reference list

Each waypoint has a coordinate and is located to a specific Playfield-IDs

PF-ID Playfield-Name
4001 Jobe Research
4005 Inferno Burning Marshes
4310 Nascense Frontier
4311 Nascense Wilds
4312 Nascense Swamp
4320 Penumbra Forest
4321 Penumbra Valley
4322 Penumbra Hollow
4328 Pandemonium Caina
4329 Pandemonium Antenora
4330 Pandemonium Ptolemea
4331 Pandemonium Judecca
4530 Jobe Platform
4531 Jobe Harbor
4532 Jobe Market
4533 Jobe Plaza
4540 Elysium South
4541 Elysium West
4542 Elysium
4543 Elysium East
4544 Elysium North
4605 Inferno
4872 Adonis City
4873 Adonis Abyss
4880 Scheol Upper
4881 Scheol Lower
505 Avalon
540 Athen Old
545 Athen West
550 Athen Shire
551 Wailing Wastes
556 Coast of Peace
560 Mort
565 Newland Desert
566 Newland City
567 Newland
570 Perpetual Wastelands
585 Aegean
586 Wartorn Valley
590 Central Artery Valley
595 Deep Artery Valley
600 Varmint Woods
605 Belial Forest
610 Southern Artery Valley
615 Southern Fouls Hills
620 Eastern Fouls Plain
625 Milky Way
630 Pleasant Meadows
635 Stret East Bank
640 Tir
646 Tir County
647 Greater Tir County
650 Upper Stret East Bank
655 Andromeda
656 Coast of Tranquility
665 Broken Shores
670 Clondyke
685 Galway County
687 Galway Shire
695 Lush Fields
696 Mutant Domain
700 Omni-1 HQ
705 Omni-1 Entertainment
710 Omni-1 Trade
716 Omni Forest
717 Greater Omni Forest
730 Rome Red district
735 Rome Blue district
740 Rome Green district
760 4 Holes
790 Stret West Bank
791 Holes In the Wall
795 The Longest Road
800 Borealis


2013.05.24 - Added parent node

Added a parent node which contains the folder structure the guide is within (as on the knowledge section of the website).

2013.05.14 - Waypoint parser online

Waypoint Tool can now be used.
If you have any trouble with this tool, contact Khuri or post in the Feedback forum.



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