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18.7 Patch

By Silvana
The mother of all patches is now out in AO!

You can read all of the changes and additions HERE! If you want a more in-depth look at the patch notes, you can also find those HERE!

Please keep in mind that the small client is NO LONGER supported. If you haven't done so previously, you'll need to download the full client.

For those using the AOU Mod, only a small change is needed. As some fonts and colors have changed, after you have installed the patch, copy the textcolors.xml and views\skills.xml from your AO install location (\cd_image\gui\Default) and paste them in to the AOU Mod folder.

One last note on the update; many (a ton) of our guides will now contain invalid/outdated information. These will be changed as they are found, and as new/replaced content is explored. This will not be an instant or even fast process and we ask for your patience. We always welcome your input and information to keep our content up to date, so please feel free to comment on a guide if you can verify changes and what they are. Guides that are flat out no longer of use (such as starting area guides or Phasefront shop terminals) may remain for posterity's sake, but will be marked very clearly as containing outdated/invalid information.

Here's to hoping everyone has a smooth transition to 18.7!



People of Rubi-Ka Revamped

By Novagen
Head over to if you want to find better character and organization information.

Please send me a mail or PM if you find any errors.



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