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ChatConverter Information

Additional Information about the ChatConverter

This document explains all parts of the ChatCon and how they work. To use the ChatCon, you need to insert a correct formated chatlog on the first screen.
To log your chat ingame, simply right-click your chatwindow, and choose "Log Messages". Saved Logfiles are stored local on your HD in your directory
/Anarchy Online/prefs/AccountName/CharID/Chat/Windows/WindowID/Log.txt

The CharID and WindowID you need to find out yourself. Open the file with a texteditor like notepad and simply select and copy the part of the logfile you wish to analyse and convert.
Example of a correct chatline: ["#0000000040000002#","Vicinity","Khuri",1081193056]This is a chatline.

Chat input:
The most time the ChatCon needs to generate the site, is to upload the chat from your local computer. This time depends on the upload bandwidth of your internet connection.
If you try to upload logfiles larger then 1.024kb the script will abort and give you an error-message.
Converted logfiles will be deleted once the script is finished or if an error occurs!

This option allows you to choose how the output of the channel will look like. Most of the additional options, like colors, rely on this selection.
BB-Code - BB-Code is what most online-forums use. Choose this option if you want to copy your chat to a board using BB-tags
HTML-page - Creates a HTML-Code ouput with the chat

Additional ChatCon Options:
Show only Channel
Select the channelnames you only want to see. All chat from other channels will be dropped and not shown in the output.
If you select no channel, all channels will be displayed by default.

Show only person(s)
This option allows you to enter the name of one or more characters you want to filter. In the output you will only see chat from the entered characternames.
If you select no names, all people will be displayed by default.

Show Channelname in front of Chatline
Unchecking this option will has the effect that you won't see the channelname in front of the charactername anymore.
Example (checked):
[Vicinity] Khuri: This is a chatline
Example (UNchecked):
Khuri: This is a chatline

Mark from Chatline removed Links
The ChatCon uses an automatically activated Spam-Reducer that searches for font-commands and (reference-)links in the chat. This is mainly used for Chatbots (like helpbot for example) that make an immense use of chatcolors and ingame references.
Using ChatCon-System "UBB-Code", the ChatCon tries to convert all color-tags in the chat into UBB-Color tags (and auto-closes them, as most chatbots don't do!). (reference-)Links will be deleted and only the "text" for those links will remain normally.
Is this option now activated, the script will insert a note in each line it removed a link.

Show Time of Chat
Checking this option will show the time when the chatline was created between the Channel- and the Charactername.
It shows the time in hh:mm format.
Example (checked):
[Vicinity] 17:24 Khuri: This is a chatline
Example (UNchecked):
[Vicinity] Khuri: This is a chatline

Make gaps between each Chatline
This option allows you to let the ChatCon make an extra break after each chatline, giving more space in the output for easier reading.

Identify /me-Emotes
Checking this box, the ChatCon will try to identify which chatline from Vicinity is an /me-Emote, using some rules for indentification.
Please note that this option does not have a 100% garantuee of picking out every emote-chatline correctly, though in most cases it should fit.

Use colors for Channels
Checking this option will colorize the different channels of your chat, using preset colortags similar to the ingame-colors.
Possible colors are...

Tell Messages
IRRK Newswire
Other Channels (standart color)
Guild/Private Channel

The input field in this option allows you to define the name of your Guildchannel or of the Private Channel you logged. This is required to show them in the specific color.