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ScriptEditor Information

Additional Information about the ScriptEditor

With this little tool you can create scriptfiles to save on your computer and execute ingame.
Create colored text, make hyperlinks, script ingame emotes and much more really easy.

Scriptfiles should be saved in your /Anarchy Online/scripts directory. If you got no such directory, create it.
To execute a scriptfile, type /SCRIPTNAME (include file-extension, like .txt if exists) in the ingame-chatwindow.

Script input:
This is your whole script. Every line indicates a new Message in the game. You need to make sure you have a new line everytime you write /me, /say... The same counts for the /delay command, as well as any emotes.

Here you can select the primary channels ingame. Note, that if you use the Tell-Message, the command is /tell %1. The %1 is a placeholder for a name. This means, if you run a script ingame that has such a %1, you need to execute it using /scriptname NAME.
Every line that has NO /channel selected will be displaced in the currently activated channel in your chat.
The /text command shows a system-message for yourself only.

Choose an emote to add to your chat. The emotes are sorted as they appear in the list of the new ingame GUI.

Here you can choose a color to use in your chat. If you mark a text and then select a color, the color-tag will be put around the marked text.
The 16 example colors are the basic colors of AO, as they are defined in the file /Anarchy Online/cd_image/gui/default/TextColors.xml.
This also works within a Reference-Window.

If none of the basic colors is what you like, then you can enter a custom color in this field and hit "Add". Marking a text before hitting "Add" works in the same way as from the color-dropdown menu.
Please make sure you enter a valid HEX-color, else the color of your chat will be black ingame.

Add Special Chars for Reference-Windows. Select the Char you want to use from the dropdown-menu to avoid broken References.

Clicking this button will open a Reference-Window-Tag. You can write down your text after it, or add an image, item-reference link, use colored text and more.
Once you are done writing the content of your Reference-Window, click the button again, to close the Tag. You'll be asked for a Link-Message the user's have to click on to see your reference (like all links ingame).

Clicking this button will open a window asking for a link of an item from Depending on the type of item you might need to additionally add it's QL in the next window.
At last you need to enter the Link-Message (this is the text you click on to see the reference ingame).
This command also works within a Reference-Window.

Add some Image to your Reference-Window that is in the Gamedatabase. To see and use most common images, open the item you want to post the image of on, right-click the Image on the site and copy the URL of the image, then paste it in the Popup-Window of the Image-Function.

Add a clickable reference link in the chat that contains another link that directs you to a website.

Please enter URL of website - Add internet site here
Please enter Text for Link to Reference file - That is the text that appears in the chatwindow
Please enter Text for Link inside Reference - That is the text that appears in the reference-window

Add a scriptdelay. When your script contains more then one line you should add a delay between each line to make chats easier to read. Just imagine 20 lines of chat that plop up within a second.
The delay is a milisecond-time. So a delay of one second is 1.000 ms.

This will create a linebreak in your chatline/reference-file.

Clicking this button will simply underline your text in your chatline or reference.

Please Note:
- Do not make Chatlines larger then 1024 chars at once. It will crash your Client!
- Do not make a Script larger then 4096 chars in total. It will crash your Client!
- Do not use fake-references of items for sellings items!
Always check the Items in your Trade window when buying from someone!