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Community Interview: Tyrence from Budabot

-- This guide is not finished yet --

It's been awhile since we've done an interview. For our latest discussion we've decided to re-interview someone that has been an integral part and enhancing many AO player's game experience since 2010. Recently, while testing a guide I was updating, I ran across a rare event. Famed Budabot Project Leader and Developer, Tyrence, in game! I took the opportunity to ask what projects he has been working on and interview him a bit regarding them.

Any player using Budabot as their Org chat bot may not realize how hard he works to make our play time easier. Let's see what he's been up to in the past few years.

Hello Tyrence. Budabot has been around quite a few years, and started in 2006. With all those years of coding and recoding is Budabot getting is old and bulky?

[Tyrence]: yeah

I know people will want to know, so do you still play these days, or just log in for bot purposes?

[Tyrence]: I do not play Anarchy Online at all.
[Tyrence]: I am hardly ever in game, and if I am, it's only to test something.

m sure many players would like to hear about what you're up to. Is there a lot planned for Budabot in future, or are their other projects you have been working on?

So, what are your plans for the future of Budabot?

[Tyrence]: I have no more plans for Budabot. Budabot 4 is the last release I will do for Budabot. I hope that Tyrbot will eventually replace Budabot.

I see. Budabot has been the standard in game a long time. What should players use after?

[Tyrence]: We could talk about Tyrbot
[Tyrence]: And maybe a bit about Lightnet

Lightnet, the in-game shopping bot? That is your project?

[Tyrence]: Yeah

So does Lightnet have a lot of admins or is it self sufficient?

[Tyrence]: No, it doesn't have any admins other than me.

With no Admins or moderators how do you keep FC bannable offenses in check?

[Tyrence]: Do you mean how do I keep the bot from getting banned?


[Tyrence]: I hope that people are smart enough to down vote drama and in turn there would be no need.
[Tyrence]: If they don't and the bot gets banned, then they lose it.

So, the Lightnet bot system is somewhat a player policed system, then?

[Tyrence]: Yeah

*Nods and looks at her notes

Does the feedback system actually do anything?

[Tyrence]: I am the only admin, but I have never banned anyone. All the bans that have happened happened automatically.

[Tyrence]: Feedback DOES matter and it will automatically ban people that receive a large amount of negative feedback.

Thinking about that ability, how do you keep people from abusing the feedback system without live Admins?

[Tyrence]: For sure some people try to abuse it, but the bot does try to take that into account.

[Tyrence]: People provide negative feedback, (downvote) for a variety of reasons, and you may get downvoted on perfectly reasonable messages.
[Tyrence]: As a player in a public game, that is something people will need to take into consideration.

[Tyrence]: However, if someone feels that they were "targeted" to the point that the bot issued a ban, and they feel it was unfair, AND they have made NO inflammatory or abusive messages, then they should contact me.

How would one contact you in this case?

[Tyrence]: You may contact me in-game on Tyrence or on Discord:

So once you get so many negative Feedback votes (downvotes), the bot auto bans? How does that work?

[Tyrence]: Yeah

What if someone just keeps downvoting posts without appropriate reason?

[Tyrence]: If I find things like that happening, I will issue permanent bans to those players.

[Tyrence]: To answer your other question of “how”, the bot uses a ranking system and ranks votes based on a variety of factors. So, some feedback is ranked higher than others.

[Tyrence]: Depending on how each feedback is ranked by the bot, their could be a just few votes or it could be lots of votes.


[Tyrence]: And I keep that algorithm pretty secret to prevent people from abusing it. :)

So I can't get you to tell me your best kept secret?

[Tyrence]: No, sorry :)

Can't blame a girl for trying!

Is being banned the only repercussion players need to worry about when receiving negative feedback?

[Tyrence]: Also, the negative feedback affects how long you have to wait to send a message

[Tyrence]: By default it's 10 minutes, but with lots of negative feedback it will be longer

Does Lightnet have a lot of rules to follow and where do we see those?

[Tyrence]: Lightnet doesn't have rules.


[Tyrence]: It does have a few, I guess.

[Tyrence]: But in general, if you aren't getting downvoted, it's fine to keep doing as you have been.


But it has common sense rules, yes?

[Tyrence]: The only rules it has is to not abuse the Lightnet feedback mechanics

I mean, at times it seems as if a lot of unchecked drama goes on, but I suspect that the system itself handles that and no big deal is made so no one realizes, correct?

[Tyrence]: Well in some cases, those people get banned.


[Tyrence]: In other cases, they aren't getting downvoted so they aren't getting banned

I'm not sure a lot of folks realize that downvoting triggers that. Most ppl dont read past how to get it up and running to be honest.

[Tyrence]: Yeah, more people adding appropriate feedback would make the system better for sure.

So, we know what the negative feedback does. Is there a benefit to the positive?

[Tyrence]: Yeah, it reduces the time to post another message. Meaning that lots of positive feedback makes your wait time to repost shorter the normal 10 minutes between your posts.

I'm sure that will encourage people to participate in the feedback system!

I didn't mean to turn the interview entirely to Lightnet.

[Tyrence]: No, it's fine

[Tyrence]: It's the most interesting thing I am doing right now, in AO at least.


So, we have touched on what Lightnet is, and some of its features. What makes Tyrnet different from your previous Budabot project?

[Tyrence]: So for the average user, Tyrbot and Budabot will be mostly the same.
[Tyrence]: They will look and work very similarly.
[Tyrence]: I am currently in the process of porting over the Budabot commands into Tyrbot
[Tyrence]: The difference is mostly for people who write modules, and a little bit for people who host the bots.

So, players will use the same commands they use in Buda's main functionality?

[Tyrence]: Yes
[Tyrence]: All the same commands

I see.

[Tyrence]: For people who write modules though, it is a lot simpler and easier in Tyrbot than in Budabot.
[Tyrence]: Additionally, Tyrbot makes it easy to change core behavior by allowing them to write a module, rather than having to change the core code.

I'm sure a lot of bot manager and developers will be glad to see that change.

Have you change the language you are coding in with Tyrbot? In other words will anyone have to learn to code in something other than what Budabot uses?

[Tyrence]: Yes, they will, but it should be pretty easy.
[Tyrence]: Budabot uses PHP
[Tyrence]: Tyrbot uses Python

I see. Why did you switch to Python for this project?.

[Tyrence]: Python is better
[Tyrence]: Just to give you one example:
[Tyrence]: Normally in both Tyrbot and Budabot, if you try to use a command the bot doesn't know about it, says "Error! Unknown command"

[Tyrence]: In tyrbot, you can write a module that will change the message to maybe give the user an uplifting message instead :) Doing the same thing in Budabot is a lot harder.

So if the coder is clever maybe the message could say, "Did you want to know who is online? Try typing !o or !online”. Where Buda would just return: "Error! Unknown command"

[Tyrence]: Yep you could write a module to do that too.

So basically Tyrbot is more coder friend and less bulky? Will it be easier to run multiples ... like for people who hosts numerous bots? Take up less?

[Tyrence]: It is easier for coders!
[Tyrence]: I am not sure if it will take less resources to run than Budabot. I haven't tested that yet, but my guess is that it will be about the same.


[Tyrence]: I can tell you that right now, Lightnet, which is a Trybot bot is taking slightly less than the Budabots that I currently run. But it also doesn't have all the commands they run.

Thank you for your time Tyrence, is there anything else you'd like to add to it while I have you here? Info, thoughts, etc?

[Tyrence]: Hmmmm...
[Tyrence]: One is that people should definitely take advantage of the feedback option in Lightnet
[Tyrence]: and two, for anyone interested in Tyrbot development they should join the discord

[Tyrence]: There is a channel for Budabot as well

[Tyrence]: Even if they aren't coders, they can see what we are working on.
[Tyrence]: For instance, someone just wrote a discord module for Tyrbot to relay between a discord channel and your org channel.

Discord has become popular.

So, knowing that Lightnet is a Tyrbot bot and is being used, is Tyrbot ready to be run as an org or raid bot, yet?

[Tyrence]: Not yet.
[Tyrence]: It doesn't have enough commands and features yet for most Orgs to use.

How long do you plan to continue support for Budabot 4?

[Tyrence]: Only until Tyrbot is ready.

Tyrence, I want to thank you for taking the time to fill us in on what you've been planning.

I look forward to getting back with you once Tyrbot is complete for a follow up interview. It was nice talking to you

[Tyrence]: Alright, sounds good :)
[Tyrence]: It was nice talking to you too!

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