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Legacy of the Xan

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Armor   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
Gadgets   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
NCU Memories   Various new NCUs   18.0   201-220   All   All Factions
Professional Stellar Nanodeck   Upgrading your Professional Nanodeck   18.02   201-220   All   All Factions
Transmographic Dimension Shifter   Build an item that gets you out of Arid Rift   18.3.14   201-220   All   All Factions
Weapons   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
Xan Weapon Upgrade   Upgrade your SL Weapon   18.1   201-220   All   All Factions
General Crafting   Patch   Level   Class   Faction
Signet of the Apocalypse   Upgrade your De'Valos Protection Ring   18.02   201-220   All   All Factions
Spirits   How to create your Alphas & Betas   18.0   201-220   Shade   All Factions

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