SSC Bastion Armor

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Level: 201-220
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This is the tradeskill process for SCC Bastion Armor. You'll find all the items in The Gauntlet.
For the completed armor (back and shoulder plates) you need to do this three times.

Bring backpacks. You'll need them.

1st Stage of Fatou Armor Upgrade

1st Stage of Mandelbrot Armor Upgrade

1st Stage of Collatz Armor Upgrade

Build 3 Compressed Composite Weaves

Do this three times. We need one Weave for each armor upgrade.

Build 3 Synchotronic Recombinators

Also do this three times.

Build the Upgrade Plates

Upgrade the Inactive Armor

In addition to all that you can also buy a

from the in-game-shop, apply it to your armor piece and use a Screwdriver to change it's colour.

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AO-Universe/Snakebite and Afreng
AO Forum/Siro, Cdogg421, Maeventura, MajorOutage, and Scotty for initial guide and script
Special "thanks" to Blutsauger from The Union for bugging me and for my cats that woke me up at 6 a.m. on a Sunday and made me write this stuff. :p
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