Ice Golem Pattern Quest (Redeemed)

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 160-220
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In order to proceed from Penumbra into Inferno, it is necessary to loot A slightly dented molar from the great ice golem and hand it in to Ergo.

While this Ice Golem can be spawned as a Pocket Boss at an Incarnator in Penumbra (see AOU's Pocket Boss guide for details in some of the tradeskills involved and the process of spawning one) its pattern can NOT be farmed like a regular Pocket Boss, but must instead be quested for.

This guide will document the steps necessary to come into the possession of such a pattern by doing a quest for the Unredeemed.

Along the questline, the following items will be required:

The Yomi page is a random drop off the Adonis catacomb bosses, mandatory to start quest. Those bosses are roughly level 210, so soloing there is not easy peasy. This map, courtesy of Spheremap, shows the spawnpoint of the bosses:

But since the heart is not trivial to acquire & the quest chain is on a considerably short timer, you have 2 possible options for the incoming quest :

1- whether you collect the heart BEFORE starting on the quest chain; in this particular case, you will preferably farm 6 Vanya Insignias before anything; it delays the start but is safer and then saves several movements during short quest/item timers.

2- whether you will acquire the heart AFTER starting on the quest ; in this 2nd option, you won't farm any Insignia and will use quest items to pop Vanya; it's a quicker start but possibly buggier and requiring more movements (unless you have all keys).

Vanya's heart is a 100% drop off The Unredeemed Vanya. For the procedure of spawning him immediately if you chose so, see our very own Cama Sanctuary Quest. The relevant part of the chain starts with the death of Eron-Cur - Leader.

Redeemed Temple: Penumbra

After going Adonis Catacombs to farm some (Nodrop) Yomi Grimoire page (and possibly at Unreedeemed temple to obtain Vanya's heart) you can go to Redeemed temple.

There, give the page to the
Sipius Cama Path-Ilad
in the Penumbra Redeemed temple (he's on the top floor)

He will give you the Book of insignificant rituals.

Give the book of insignificant rituals to the
Ecclesiast Cama Thar
(in the same room as Sipius Cama but the opposite side of room), and he will spawn Cama. No need to talk. In fact, he might not want to help you if you do. Just open a trade and give him the book!

Note: Cama spawns in the 75% room (in the other room on the north side), so be careful if there are Omni's around. Redeemed Cama gives awesome faction for the Omni's and they won't think twice about killing it. **Cama is timed so you better hurry**

Talk to Cama, speak about Ice Golem and Ergo, show the book when prompted and you should receive a killing mission with a 10h timer.

If you already looted Beating heart, you can skip this paragraph.
If you didn't loot Vanya's heart before quest start, go to Unredeemed temple. Kill Patriach and loot Sacred Blueprint. Then trade Acolyte Cama Hume the Sealed instructions + the Sacred Blueprint you just looted. Then kill Omega, then Vanya and loot the heart. Hurry back to your own temple.

Now go speak to the Ecclesiast again, tell him you need to see Cama again because you have something to give her, and hand him the Beating heart (the one you looted from Vanya). He will drop the heart, killing it as he slips and slides trying to recover it with you. What he may then hand you back will be

He will then spawn Cama again in the 75% room. *Remember to look for Omni's before you do this*.

Talk to Cama, give her the Vanya heart, and she gives you the blueprint of for the Ice Golem.

Blueprint must be turned into a Pocket Boss crystal (crystal filled by the Source from an MP + raw novictum you refine) and the result can be used on the Penumbra Incarnators. Just be careful with squishy lowbies and nanoresist noobs, as the Golem can do AOE nukes. 6 Molars will drop from pocket remains.

You finally can head to Penumbra's Ergo, all north of its icy map, and trade the molar. You then should receive the Sanguine Ring corresponding to your profession ... but before using it on Inferno's portal nearby, remember to do your Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer quest first or you'll burn in a few seconds !

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