Clan Camps (Omni Quests)

Class: All Classes
Faction: Neutral, Omni
Level: 210-220
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A NPC with a nice story to tell is Paolo Turin, found near the Grid terminal in the Omni-1 Trade District:

He tells us about various rumours within Omni territory, regarding the clans building up special forces within training camps of theirs. Paolo knows Sergeant Jasmine Cordell is looking for volunteers to help fight this new threat to the corporation. So, as every good employee is supposed to, we'll head straight to her to see wether we can lend a hand too!

Her location isn't a big secret, as Paolo directs us to seek her out in the area between the two Whompah stations in the Omni-1 Entertainment District.

Sergeant Jasmine Cordell

Location: Omni-1 Entertainment District, East. 904 x 629

Besides giving us more detailed information about the five new camps,
Sergeant Jasmine Cordell
Omni-1 Entertainment - 904x629
also hands out missions. Each of these missions requires us to first kill five of the adds, and then the main boss. After achieving that, on return to the Sergeant, she awards a Military Reward insignia. This item, besides being shiny white, has another nice use: Upon right clicking it, it increases the owner's side tokens by 50, and the victory points by 500.

The mission bosses, as well as their adds (with a very low droprate) may drop any of the following items, as well as OFAB weapon- and armour improvement biomatter clumps:

The Loot



Utility/HUD items:

The 5 Camps

The new camps themselves provide for an interesting new raiding experience. Besides most of them requiring a team of 210+ characters, they also require unique strategies to effectively take them out.

Belial Forest

Hardly worth calling a camp, the Brigadier took residence in a few ruins bordered to the north by a lake, to the south by a mountain range and small water flows with bridges across them to the east and west. It is patrolled by Clan Panthers, which are level 250 Martial Artists hitting for melee damage.

The first part of the mission to take on the Brigadier's camp is to kill five of these to prepare for your main assault.

After getting the Clan Panthers out of the way, it is strongly suggested to not head straight for the Brigadier, but instead to take out his three named sidekicks first. The sidekicks are named Corporal Bakken, Doctor Ellingsen and Sergeant Billowitz. The Corporal is a Nanotechnician, who somehow manages to score regular hits even though he has a Cyberdeck equipped. His main attack though is Kel's Neutronium Plaything, an AoE nuke that can do up to 3000 points of damage. The Doctor's main attribute seems to be his restorative capability, including a resistance to the One Foot In The Grave Soldier nano line. The Sergeant does not seem to have any particular special tricks up his sleeve. Once these three are disposed of, they should not make a comeback for quite a while, typically far longer than a fight with the Brigadier will last. If they are not taken out beforehand, Crux will call them to his aid once he suffers some damage.

Brigadier Crux

Brigadier Crux himself is an Enforcer, wielding a quite big hammer. He does not move from his spawnpoint and tends to warp people who angered him sufficiently up into the sky above him. Apart from this extremely annoying speciality, his melee hits seem to proc a 30m AoE stun called Stunning Blow, which can result in quite long chainstunning of a designated tank and his unfortunate team members in the vicinity. Ranged damage dealers and healers should definitely keep their distance, if possible. The stun itself is breakable with Free Movement. So keeping a stack of these on the hotbar can allow for a quick escape from a situation that might mean death otherwise.

Athen Shire

Assault Commander Sleek is within the walls of the War Academy in Athen Shire. The layout of the War Academy is pretty straight forward. There are two Outpost Sentries outside the main gate, and a few more inside.

Assault Commander Sleek

Assault Commander Sleek will be standing inside the main gate and in front of the War Academy. Sleek will not leave her post and so cannot be pulled outside the walls of the War Academy. It is best to carefully kill all the adds around her. She spawns adds spinning orbs named Executive Defenders as well as 2 huge level 250 mechs. It would be best it two team members prepared to mech up as soon as they spawn to deal with them.

The Longest Road

Chief Gunner Kyle Swan is located in a small outpost South of the Clan town of Bliss. There are a couple of Underground Soldiers outside the outpost walls, and a lot more inside.

Chief Gunner Kyle Swan

Chief Gunner Kyle Swan continuously patrols the grounds inside the outpost compound. Occasionally his patrol takes him near the front gate. All team members should be meched up to deal with Swan after killing the Undergound Soldiers guarding the gate. It is possible to carefully pull him out of the compound. He will knock players out of their mechs.

Once outside, spread the team out and try to spread out the agg as well. If you can manage to force Swan to continuously switch targets, he will not have time to kick people out of their mechs.

Broken Shores

Special Agent Deko is located at a cluster of tents in Northeastrn Broken Shores. There you will find a Mysterious Alien Tower.

The tents are patrolled by Clan Specialist and there are also some Clan Scientists scattered about. You will be given a special tool to destroy the tower. Once the tower is destroyed, Special Agent Deko will appear.

Special Agent Deko

Special Agent Deko has relatiely low HP, but can wipe your NCU and very fast attack cycles.

Upper Stret East Bank

If you are doing the mission, your first task is to kill five Subterfuge Specialists. These are all in concealment so don't just run immediately into the camp. Have someone either with high perception go in and see if they can see them and pull them out, or just have a cautious tank.

Carillion Thunder

Carillion Thunder
Upper Stret East Bank - 1798.6x2207.0
is located at 1798.6, 2207.0, 21.4, Area: Safe Haven

This boss likes to run a nano debuff on his target and also attempts to blow them up. Make sure your healer is stood well out of range of Carillion to ensure that healing is at its best.

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