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If you pre-ordered the Legacy of the Xan Booster Pack, maybe you are unsure as to how to get your hands on your Hoverchair.

You can head to one of two places!

One place you can head to is the Phasefront vendor platform in the middle of Newland Lake. From there you need to search out Toni Akseli.

Toni Akseli

Location: 933 x 511 Newland Lake
To get your hands on your new chair, you need to speak with Toni who is sat in her hoverchair smiling at you.

Image Image
Toni Akseli

The second location you can head to is the Xan Playfield
Location: 533 x 627 Xan Hub PF (Legacy of Xan)

The Xan Hub is designed for high level players, therefore this location can only be reached by level 201+ players. To find Toni, head up to the island with Pandemonium Portal, then head down the stairs at the north of island to reach a lower island. You will see a Unicorn Guard. Stand near him and turn southward to see Toni a few steps away (see images below).

Image Image


Following a short dialog with Toni, she will tell you (assuming you did pre order and are able to get your hands on a hoverchair) that there is a Westerlund Loungemaster is available for you. She will place a customized nano program in your inventory that looks like this:

Phasefront: Westerlund Loungemaster

Right click the icon in your inventory, like you would upload any other nano. It should then upload into your "Space" programs tab.

When you cast the nano program, you will find yourself sitting in your hoverchair. You must be outdoors to use the chair and also have a vehicle ground skill of 81.

The ChairPhasefront: Westerlund Loungemaster
NCU cost:




Attack 4.50s
Recharge 4.50s
Run Speed 150

Can not be in a fight.
Must have normal shape.
Outdoors only.
Vehicle Ground from 81

Enjoy the most comfortable hover chair on the market!

Last updated on 01.18.2012 by Silvana
Written by Ukblizzard
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