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Paid points are new initiative by Funcom, by which you can purchase content from existing Booster Packs. While this content is open both to paying customers as to froobs, specific content is released just for paying ones. You buy them on account page
IMPORTANT : Please always access account page either from official FC forum and pages, or even easier from game login

(This is example of logged in account page. If you're froob, there will be small difference in payment details. Link to where you can buy paid points is marked with red arrow.)

So once you click that link, you should end up with browser displaying this:


As seen, you can buy paid points by rate of 1000, 2000 and 3000 (option on right side of page). Since paid points are sold for RL money, froobs will have to adjust their information to include payment details (just be careful not to upgrade account to paying status at same time if you wish to continue playing for free).

Note : On account page points are named Service points, in-game Paid points.

Another option of gaining paid points is bonus amount gained by paying accounts. If you're subcribed for 3, 6 or 12 months at time, you'll gain 250, 500 or 1000 bonus paid points.

Total amount of paid points on account is shown in upper right corner (grand total of 0 in picture ;) ). Now you can decide what you'll do with them:

- You can buy pre-order bonus stuff (Scout mech for 750, Social Leet Pet for 1000 and Luxury Jobe Apartment for 2500 can check our existing guides to see what you'll gain by this). Choosing one of those options will provide you with upgrade key (like those shown in first picture under Registered add-ons)
Important : Not froob friendly. Using upgrade key will change your account from free one to paying one. In order for player to actually benefit from this add-on, he/she must also have corresponding expansion pack

- You can transfer 500, 1000 or 2000 points in-game. Doing this will lower amount of paid points in upper right corner and adding them to character information in-game. For transfer to show in-game, we suggest to wait 30 minutes before logging character in (Information how much points you have in-game is under char info - target yourself and press T). Transferring points in-game will add same amount (500,1000 or 2000) points to all existing characters on account.
Froob and paying player friendly

Once you have paid points in-game, you can spend them individually on each character on items and nanos from special vendors. Some caution is needed still, since some of items require expansion packs in order to use. For now only one such vendor exist -> Phasefront Vendor

Last updated on 12.20.2012 by Khuri
Information originally provide by Trgeorge.
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