Broken Controller Recompiler Unit

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At the 18.6.2 patch, you no longer find assorted QL of Controller Recompiler Units [CRU] as mission loot. Instead you will now find Broken Controller Recompiler Unit. The amount that each CRU would fill the City Controller [CC] was 1% for each QL, so a QL 5 CRU would add 5% to the CC.

Now there are only CRU that add 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% to the CC. All other QLs are "broken", and must be repaired in order to be used.

Here is the tradeskill process:

Additionally, CRU can be combined together to make larger CRU:

Last updated on 09.15.2013 by Llie
Written by Llie
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