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The Yalmaha XL - 29478 is one of the most popular flying vehicles in Rubi-ka. It is purchasable by all players including free accounts. It comes in a variety of quality levels with different run spead modifiers, but it appears the actual run speed is the same regardless of QL. With that in mind getting a Yalm at QL 30 with its low requirement of Vehicle Air 81 will save money and make is easier to equip. Many players equip implants to buff their Vehicle Air skill instead of spending IP on it. The Trader shop sells Experienced Aviator Sunglasses which buffs vehicle air by 15 but cost around 850k.

Yalms are NODROP and the shop terminals that sell them change their inventory unless a player keeps an open trade with the shop terminal. The shop terminal name is Car Shop Terminal. They are located in shops that also have the trader Specialist Commerce terminal. These shops have names such as luxury store or special shop. There are superior shops but for QL 30 look for the advance shops.

Tip: If you see a players sitting in front of the shop terminal, there is a good chance it has a low QL Yalm in it and they are keeping the terminal open so the inventory will not switch. Many players spam messages when they find a terminal with a QL 30 Yalm so others can buy one.

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Advanced Vehicle Shop Locations:


Advanced Vehicle Shop in Rome Green
Rome Green district - 413x289

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Rome Blue
Rome Blue district - 545x288

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Omni-1 Entertainment
Omni-1 Entertainment - 857x445

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Omni-Trade District
Omni-1 Trade - 335x203

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Omni-Trade District
Omni-1 Trade - 575x222

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Lush Fields
Lush Fields - 1527x540


Advanced Vehicle Shop in Borealis
Borealis - 653x575

Advanced Vehicle Shop in Newland City
Newland City - 290x315
- In alley near Newland Shops
Advanced Vehicle Shop at Harry's Outpost
Lush Fields - 3045x3034

Advanced Vehicle Shop at 20K Outpost
Pleasant Meadows - 1190x2351
- NW of Whompah


Advanced Vehicle Shop in Old Athen
Athen Old - 364x474
- There's two Luxury Goods shops across the street from each other
Advanced Vehicle Shop in Tir
Tir - 480x559

Note: There are Superior Car shop terminals but the Yalm QL is mostly in the 100's.

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