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Social/Roleplaying - Support Lornavash for Events Team Direc

Post by Windguaerd » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:56 am

A few days ago, a sad thing happened for the Roleplaying community in Atlantean and Rimor. The head honcho and driving force of the Events Team and what many of us saw as the best ET Director stepped down from his position to persue a musical career.

Nevarstiyeh made a heartfelt post in the BoD forums which you can read here.

For 4 years he served the roleplaying community and did his best to immerse us into active and interesting storylines. As Director of the Events Team he showed us respect and listened to our ideas and suggestions, and he was a person who did not beat around the bushes...he was direct, and he would tell you what was on his mind to your face. Something very unique in ARK.

In my opinion his efforts and leadership affected the storyline a great deal, hell I think he was the best Events Team Director they ever had and I wish Nevarstiyeh (a.k.a. Frank) the best in his new musical career.

However there is something of great concern, who will be filling his big shoes?

From my experience, Lornavash is the man we should support to continue Nevarstiyeh's work. He is currently the Acting Director, but as a roleplayer and part of the RP community, I believe I must voice my support for him to stay in that position permanently.

I know Gannondorph and Bacchante will make the decision as to who would be given the position of Events Team Director but there is no harm in voicing our support for someone who has proven to be very qualified for the job.

If you feel the same as a lot of us do, post at the official AO forums here and Support Lornavash for Events Team Director! Support Roleplaying!
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