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Community - New Inferno quest guides

Post by Trgeorge » Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:27 pm

You can check them here:
Inferno Quest: The Anansi
Inferno quest: Guarding the source
Inferno Quest: Spirits Quests
Inferno quest: Inferno Tours

They are likely to be updated in the future, since some of the rewards are profession specific. We'll add more pictures too, once things calm down a bit...bit hard to get a screeny when 10+ peeps start whacking on mob as soon as it spawns.

Will also try and provide a map with quest mob location marked, but this takes time.
EDIT: Inferno Quest:Map

Update: and here's clan version of new "PvP" quests written by our newest member, Tepamina
PvP quest Guide - Clan Version
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