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Postby Khuri » Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:57 pm

Today's the first of September, and AOU exists since quite a while now. With the introduction of the new website layout, we also added some statistic-tracking to the page, which started in March 2006.

AO-Universe currently hosts 204 guides, featuring information from the game and all addons. Since the start of tracking, our guides and articles have been read more then 285.000 times, increasing.

The most time read guide is from the Classic AO-section, "Mid Level Encounter: The Crypt" with 4836 hits, following by the Shadowlands-Guide "Armor: Jobe Armor Tier One with 4627 hits.
The items most people like to know more about are the "Charred Abaddon Chassis" (1116 hits) and the "Mnemonic Fragment" (1108 hits).

In the name of the AO-Universe team i'd like to thank you for your interest and support in this website. If you find errors or have wishes to guides and other content of this page, feel free to contact us.
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Postby Snakebite » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:41 pm

Mnemonic Fragment, MMMmmm...

To be honest, considering the amount of times I've used the AI armour guide for my engi, I'm supprised that's not top! :lol:
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