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Community - Professional Openings

Post by Windguaerd » Sun Aug 06, 2006 7:50 am

From the AO Launcher:
The Professionals program is looking for volunteers again. The professionals are those players who communicate the specific professional concerns from the player base to the dev team and are active on the forums talking about and discussing the ins and outs of their profession. Representatives to Funcom from the players themselves. You can find the details of the program here

There are currently slots available for the following professions:




Martial Artist


You can find all the details on how to apply here on the forums.

Game Updates and Server Upgrades

There will be downtime next Wednesday (the 9th of August) to make further server upgrades to the live dimensions. Keep your eyes out for the exact details and time early next week.

The latest version of the 16.3 update has been updated to our public test dimension yesterday. We expect that the update will require another couple of weeks testing before being deployed to the live dimensions.

Remember if you are interested in helping out with the testing you can find out how to get access to the test dimension here
If you got what it takes to be a professional, please consider becoming one, the community will appreciate it. More server upgrades? only one word can cover this news: WOHOO!
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