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Community - CSPmap v1.20 released!

Post by Windguaerd » Sat Jun 17, 2006 12:39 am

This latest release contains the last AO patch updates as well as
having the option to view the map for the different live dimensions (so
you can visually see which LCA's are open and which are locked). Here's
the info from the main webpage at :

CSPmap v1.20 (2006-06-15)
* You can now select from RK1 and RK2 variants of the map from
the map menu. This will show which LCA's are locked/opened on those
dimensions. The default map, though, has all LCA's on it. The Die Neue
Welt version does not come with the main map, but is available as a
seperate add-on to the map (to reduce the file size).
* Camelot Castle label added for dungeon in Avalon (thanks,
ironically, to Labelslave!)
* fixer grid exits for Galway Shire and Galway County are
seperately labeled inside the fixer grid, so removed "R" and "L"
designations on the map. (thanks Exxie!)
* Recreated 4 Holes' terrain to reflect the latest changes.
* a few minor border wall corrections
* Addded Unionist Foreman and moved Scientist Maud Stevens
* "Radar" in Borealis is now visible on the map and is marked as
an Omni outpost

You can get the lastest CSPmap here at AOU, just go to our Maps section and download the latest version.
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