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Community - Names and getting Stuck

Postby Windguaerd » Sun May 14, 2006 12:58 am

I've been listening to the OOC channel this past week, and a lot of players have similar questions.

How do I change my name?
I'm stuck in a rock/mountain/building and I can't move, how do I get out?

Well, to the first one just type "/name help" (without quotes) and it will show you how to change first, last and your nickname (you must be level 20 or under to change nick).

If you're stuck, before you petition do "/stuck" (again, without quotes) if you can get your character to sit down and in 30 seconds the server will move you to another nearby location. This command can be used every 3 minutes. Try it a couple of times, if that doesn't fix your situation then "/petition" and be sure to explain where you're stuck and how it happened.

I hope these tips helps our visitors.
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Postby Snakebite » Sun May 14, 2006 4:15 am

If /stuck doesn't help, when you petition you will be asked to log out for at least 30 seconds (if you can't sit just hit alt+F4 twice).

When you log back in, you will be somewhere close, same as a basic /stuck...

If you're still stuck the automation will bring you an ARK.
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Postby Snakebite » Sun May 14, 2006 9:32 pm

Also, on the names question, I also see a lot of people ask how to rename their pet...

Target your pet then type this:

/pet rename Dave

If you want a space in your pets name type it with " " around the name, like this:

/pet rename "Big Dave"

I consider pet names to be a 'big thing', you will be known as much for your pet names as for your own name.
Therefor, pick yourself some good names for your pets and stick to them.
You can write a macro to make renaming your pets easier like this:

/macro bot /pet rename "Big Dave"


/macro doggy /pet rename "Little Dave"

Both of these will create a little button stuck to your cursor, which you then put into one of your 'quick bars'.
Press 'Y' to activate & deactivate your quickbar.

The green part of those macros are the macros name, the one you will see when you put the button in your 'quick bar'.

These examples are for an Engineer, just change the green part to suit whatever you're renaming...
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