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Community - New AO Community Staff!

Post by Windguaerd » Sat Apr 29, 2006 8:34 am

From the Official Forums:

"As we are growing, both in Anarchy Online and with other MMOs in development we decided it was time to expand the community team to ensure that we are able to keep providing the type of community focus that we pride ourselves on. Please join me in offering a warm welcome to the two new members of our community team.

Justin 'Asomadus' Dunsworth joins as our forum administrator and will be responsible for all things related to the forums.

Glen 'Famine' Swan is your new community co-ordinator who will be responsible for player feedback and general communication between the community and the developers.

I am sure you will all give them a warm welcome and get to know them over the coming weeks and months.

Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison
Community Manager - Anarchy Online"

You can welcome them in this thread at the official forums.
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