Community - AOU Update October 2009

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Community - AOU Update October 2009

Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:17 am

Firstly, I apologise that this is a couple of days late. I have one hand bandaged and typing anything with one hand when I can usually touch type with both is quite honestly a pain.

Anyway, the activity from the team has been steady but not quite back up to full speed. We have seen good visitor statistics in our guides section and Khuri is scheduled to be doing some work to the knowledge base to increase its use-ability.

We are eagerly waiting for the new content in this 18.2 patch series to hit live so we have some new material to create.. although we have decided as a team to at least give you all a week to try it for yourselves before we provide any walk throughs. (This applies purely to quest / teaming content, not to social things).

As always, if you spot things missing or incorrect with our guides, please let us know. I saw your message in the shout box Keanne and you will be pleased to know that after all these years the challenge of starting the Hollow Island guide has been accepted by Morgo.. I am sure he will let us all know when he finishes it!!

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