Patch - 18.2 Downtime

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Patch - 18.2 Downtime

Post by Ukblizzard » Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:03 am

Hi everyone
The AO servers will be going down today at 12noon GMT for the 18.2 update.

The prelim patch notes are as follows;
- New Orbital Nightclub ?óÔé¼?ôThe Grind?óÔé¼?Ø added to Sunrise Station. Watch the launcher for news of the big opening night!
- Pets should no longer ignore attack orders when multiple pets are used.
- Client should now switch to the default map should the custom one not exist.
- Character preferences should now save correctly on new characters.
- Startup missions in the shuttleport now have waypoints.
- Surgery Clinic added to the Sunrise Station Luxury Apartments.
- ICC Grid entrance and exit added.
- Xan pistols can now be ?óÔé¼?ôused?óÔé¼?Ø in the inventory to create a left-handed version that fits the character model better when held in the left hand.
- Full Auto support added for Fixers through nano-programs, personal research lines and perks.(310 additional points available for now?óÔé¼?ªmore to come with the upcoming AI perk changes.)
- Experienced Survivor should now display correctly in the NCU after zoning.
- Nanoprogram: ?óÔé¼?ôWake Up Call?óÔé¼?Ø recharge reduced from 3 to one second.
- Level 200+ Neutral Side change forms now available in SL gardens.
- /stuck functionality fixed in several locations.
- Xan Merit board base neck modifiers increased.
- Corrected several exploits.

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