Community - 18.1.2 Preliminary Update Release Notes

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Community - 18.1.2 Preliminary Update Release Notes

Post by Ukblizzard » Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:32 pm

Means has posted the 18.1.2 Preliminary Update Release Notes
You can take a look at his original thread or read them for yourself below: ... p?t=557490

18.1.2 Preliminary Update Release Notes
- Mouse-Look should once again work correctly when using the middle mouse button.

- Tool-tips should no longer prevent scrolling of the shortcut bar.

- Target NCU window should no longer revert to list mode on log-in.

- Shadowbreed icons should now correctly have a timer on the shortcut bar.

- Player city grid destination should no longer display as "unknown playfield".

- Jobe Modified Unlearning Device is no longer No-Drop or Unique and can be purchased for significantly lower costs and sold by high computer literacy professions.

- Elysium quest NPCs should now correctly have blue names and a 6 minute grace period if they are attackable.

- Beast Room raid locks should now apply correctly when entering the instance.

- Respawn of boss monsters (ie: The Beast, Zodiacs) should no longer happen in locked instances.

- Adonis Key quest npcs should now drop "the note" with the same percentage chance for both Redeemed and Unredeemed factions.

- Peach Adonis Recollection Shard, Purple Adonis Recollection Shard,Green Adonis Recollection Shard required in the Adonis "Syndicate Brain Line" of missions should now drop with a significantly higher drop rate.

- Cell Templates, Mitochondria Samples and Plasmid Cultures should now have their own recognizable icons.

- Experience Construct and Advanced Experience Construct are now No-Drop.

- Protection buffs gained from using "Crystals" inside the LOX Vortexx instance should now have a 30 second duration (increased from 8) to decrease the number of failures to get immunity due to mistimed use.

- Kyr'Ozch Bio-Materials - Type 18, 34, 812, 687, 295, 468, 64, 935, 328 should now have a new icon to make them visually different from Solid Clump of Biomaterial.

- The following weapon procs should now show in the Hostile Target NCU window:

Dreadloch Shen Sticks, heal/nano init debuff
Dreadloch Remodulator, AAD debuff
Dreadloch Combat Remodulator, Evades debuff
Dreadloch Modified Shark, runspeed debuff
Dreadloch Obliterator, init debuffs
Dreadloch Rapier, AC debuff
Dreadloch Tigress, nano/nano dmg debuff
Amplified Kyr'Ozch Carbine - Type 12, DoT
Honed Edge of Tarasque, DoT
Vektor ND Grand Wyrm, ADD debuff + self Heal

- Devastating Blow and Bring the Pain should once again function correctly and correctly display in the Hostile Target NCU window.

- Devastating Blow and Bring the Pain are no longer part of a chain and can be used independantly.

- Power of Light and Devastating Blow descriptions changed to more accurately reflect the effects of these specials.

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